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Get close to GIS

GIS (Geographic Information System) is software that can create, edit, search, etc. by representing geographical information and information added to it on an electronic map.
Data including geographic information can be analyzed more centrally and visually in an easy-to-understand manner on an electronic map to obtain new findings.

GIS has been used by geography experts since the 1970s, but since around 1990s computer GUIs (graphical user interfaces) and advances in network environments have made it use on general PCs as well.
In recent years, it has become familiar with non-expert users such as car navigation systems, hazard maps of local governments, and map services on the Internet (such as Google Map).

Objectives this site

Since the 2000s, high-performance GIS software has been developed with open software (OSS) that can be used free of charge, so it has become easier for non-experts to use GIS.

This site, using GIS software by OSS, will introduce case studies of development for low-cost, convenient and purpose-specific applications.

My company provide solutions that use software technologies such as Big Data and IoT. GIS solutions and applications are fields that are expected as an example of using these technologies.
Especially, observation and investigation is important in science education, so education and teaching using Geo-spatial information and GIS that is a very useful technology for deepening understanding.
We want to help you enrich your business and life with ICT technology.


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